Custom Glass – Can make a Huge Differnce

Often when we think about renovations , we think knocking down walls, re-doing kitchens , Painting or custom wood work. however one the often overlooked areas is using custom glass in you home to completely change the look. Glass can add a very modern touch to dated looking home for not a huge amount of money. It can easily change a stairway in ways we have not even thought of. It can open any area up and make a home feel more roomy and make it feel incredibly modern.

frame less glass is also the best way to customize a bathroom and make it look amazing have a look at some the image below to see what i mean.


Another often overlooked area is custom closets, imagine walking into your dream closet and finding all your clothes laid out for you exactly where you can find them. imagine being able to get changed and dressed exactly the way you deserve to get dressed! THIS is what a custom closet design can do for you. It changes the way you get dressed, and helps you to organzie your life. Simple Spaces can provide you with both custom glass and custom closet designs that will leave you breathless when you see your home after its is completed. Call us today to see what we can do